Not learning from a mistake is a bigger mistake!

I know we all make mistakes, but the bigger mistake we make sometimes is that if we don’t learn from our mistakes. Accepting our mistakes may make us look like a fool to some people, but learning from our mistakes will surely make us wise.

Successful experiments are a result of mistakes, mistakes from which lessons were learned. I think people who think they never make mistakes have not experienced anything in life, because the more you experiment the more you make mistakes and thus more you learn from those mistakes. Sometimes we become so shameful of our mistakes that in order to hide/deny we commit further mistakes and then if we get into the habit of making mistakes, one day we commit a fatal one, so never be afraid of accepting your mistakes, instead, accept them and correct them!

I have had experiences where I have made mistakes which helped me see things which I would have never seen without committing those mistakes. In the eyes of the world they were just mistakes but for me they were eye-opening experiences, where I not only learned new lessons about life and the philosophy of it, but they also took me to places where not many have gone.

One more thing about mistakes, if I were to name one small mistake which is truly the biggest mistake that we all make, it will be telling a lie, if we stop lying, one day we will become perfect, but can we stop lying?


M B A Khan


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