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Right Place at Right Time!

Right Place at Right Time!.


What a fellow Photographer/Blogger thinks and expresses about Photography!

My World!

How an ordinary man can become a gentleman just because of his way of dressing? How food can be tastier if it is garnished? There isn’t any difference in any of these things. All are still same but your perception has changed!

Photography is basically what “you” perceive from anything whether it is a book,chair or even a needle. You can perceive it in any way you want. A chair is an object to sit on; Some may see it as a helping material! And some who have some memories with it will perceive it their unique way.

When I was asked the reason why I persuaded photography as a hobby. I always answered “Because I want to do something that shows ME”. There is a magic in photography which draws me into it. I know I can’t write well. I know I can’t speak well! It is the way…

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Alhumdulillah for everything Allah Mian! Everything that I have and everything that I don’t have! Allah knows best, what’s good and what’s bad for us, no doubt about it!

I’m glad 🙂

M B A Khan

Why Teens fall in love?

A very detailed and accurate answer to a simple problem that our youth face today!


M B A Khan

Independence Day of Pakistan 2011

Hassan Saeed 2 by M B A Khan
Hassan Saeed 2, a photo by M B A Khan on Flickr.

Wallah, here comes the Independence Day once again!

And we still stand divided, not united! Just like last year and the year before, in fact since last few years I’ve been noticing that people have different opinions and feelings about Pakistan’s Independence and they all want to express them on this day. I mean come on! Why only today?

Some say that it shouldn’t be celebrated, yeah, the Independence Day itself, because they think that Pakistan is still not Independent. Well, to an extent I would agree with these people, but then again, anyway umm… yeah, then there is a whole lot of people celebrating just for the sake of political gains, then there are some people who just take it as a day off. Some make going out plans with family and friends because they don’t find any other day than the Independence Day of their Country to spend time with their family and friends. Then there are people who would want to do something on this day which makes them a proud Pakistani irrespective of what the rest of the world thinks of Pakistan and Pakistanis.

Anyway, my point here is that why do we always have different thoughts about the Independence Day of Pakistan? Our own country? Why are we so divided? When are we going to act like a Nation? Why can’t we just agree on ONE thing for once? Not even on the Independence Day?

Thanks for the read.