Corporate Slavery

A Note from “Corporate Slavery” by M B A Khan.

When I was living in the UK I used to see people whine about “Mondays“. Now something similar has started to pop up in the Minds, Facebook profiles and Twitter accounts of Corporate Workers here in Pakistan too, in fact almost everyone except for the “Self-Employed“. We understand that we have to follow “the Goras/the west” because we have their systems employed in our social, economical and political mix of both our individual lives and as a country, but that too, to an extent where we even have to be upset and/or be happy about life according to their perception of it?

Self-Employed people on the other hand like Mondays way too much, and for many reasons. So, are we headed in the wrong direction or totally in the opposite direction?

By the way, just a little info at the end of my stance, being Self-Employed is a Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Your comments would benefit us all.


Why Teens fall in love?

A very detailed and accurate answer to a simple problem that our youth face today!


M B A Khan

LoSerpan and it’s biggest side effect!

LoSerpan: Something that losers do!

To talk about it in detail I can tell you that it is the false belief that you’re in ‘love’ with someone, which leads to a relationship. It is also the result of a prior commitment between two individuals who think it’s ‘OK’ to be in a relationship as they are going to become life partners later in life. Such commitments are often secret, unofficial and non-marital, and so is everything else resulting from such commitments.

Girl in Regret - Image Source: http://schoolistuff.blogspot.com/2010/11/regret.html

So, why is it called LoSerpan? Because it is actually giving in to your weaknesses, whereby you compromise on things like values, religion, culture, modesty, conscience and then there comes a time when you think you’re already dead, if not really, then at least you start believing that! Well, that’s not entirely true my friends, but that’s a different story and a different perspective of it…

Anyway, my point behind this blog post is not just to tell you people about LoSerpan, because people normally know what LoSerpan is, no matter what they call it. My point here is to warn you guys and girls about LoSerpan’s biggest side effect. And yeah, mind you, there are so many other side effects that a ‘sane’ person would never fall for any type of LoSerpan, but then again, that’s why people like me, call it LoSerpan: Something that losers do. The biggest side effect is the regret that you get out of losing your virginity with the wrong person at the wrong time in your life, believing that it’s ‘OK’ because he/she is eventually going to be your husband or wife. And this is often done in naivety, though I wouldn’t call individuals involved ‘innocent’ in any way, but yeah to an extent they don’t really know what they’re doing and how dreadfully they’re going to regret it for the rest of their lives.

There are many factors behind this ‘side effect’. Our media: films, television, advertisements, and even the news nowadays promote such relationships and commitments. Our friends in LoSerpan make it look and sound good only because they’re losers themselves. Siblings, just because my brother/sister has a girlfriend/boyfriend I have to keep one as well, and so many other factors that I don’t want to talk about…

To conclude, I would say I have seen it and heard it enough times now, people in LoSerpan I have just one thing to say to you, It’s never too late to sort things out in your head and in your life. Everyone is entitled to make mistakes in their life but as they say it: Not learning from a mistake is a bigger mistake! Don’t make bigger mistakes and ruin your life completely, if not for yourself, do it for other people in your life, people who ‘really’ love you.

In the end, I would like you all to watch this music video ‘Khwabon ke rishte’ by Najam Shiraz it has a lesson for all the LoSers in LoSerpan!



M B A Khan

A brain-wrecking manual on happiness.

Refreshing… 🙂

Life ain’t a chocolate.

It’s been raining in town, lately. It’s like those monsoon rains which never stop for days, once they start. But it gives me a chance to enjoy this moment as it won’t last long once winters take over the season. I even got soaked in rain many times during the past weeks but it’s a new experience each time. A soul cleansing experience.

I have been away for a while from this blog and the sole reason was that I had nothing to talk about. But then I was listening to this ghazal of Jagjit Singh: Ye daulat bhee le lo which made me think out of this confined box and go beyond it. And so what the ghazal taught me during those 8 minutes is that life can only be summed up into three words, as someone once said: It Goes On. It was just yesterday when you were born, enjoyed your worry-free chidhood and then came upon the teenage years when you were rebellious and then the post-teenage years and so on and so forth. You meet new people and you loose some on your way – all comes with this jumbo life package. Like the good times, bad times also come and go; what we need to do is believe in the fact that whatever is happening is happening for our best.

The saddest part of life, I think, is that when we don’t get the desired results, we stop hoping. We stop hoping that things would turn the other way around and it will all get better once again. We stop hoping and rest our thinkings upon the fact that things would never be the same again. We get manual books on how to drive a car, how to run a computer, etc, but we don’t get manual books on how to live a life that will give us the desired results painlessly. We sometimes have to struggle through what we want whether it be persuading someone or choosing a career. But then again, if we had manuals for everything, your life and my life would be pretty much the same. The only difference will be that you will be born into a totally different family and I in an another.

Sigh. Life is simple, it’s just not easy.  – Author Unknown

Khush raho, Khush rakho, Muskurao, kya pata.. Kal ho na ho!