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Hijabi Girls at Picadilly Circus (Hijaab walion ka bhi ‘dil’ hota hai…)

Hi, I don’t know why but I want to blog about this one. Maybe just for the sake of record. 😛

Yeah this is a nice capture, I got it this month when I went down to London, I don’t know why that girl in grey gown is looking so much powerful and intimidating to me. It was only a matter of 20 seconds that I had to decide, compose, check the light and capture it… but I knew in my mind that this will surprise me when I will look at it on my computer.

Isn’t it just sooo amazingly beautiful, the place, the act, and the involvement of hijab… I just love it!


Snow Fall

It’s 0130 hrs and the snow fall is taking me somewhere out of this world. I don’t know why I find snow strongly influential on my mood. No matter how bad my mood is, it just turns into a very pleasant one whenever it snows.

Snow is beautiful, isn’t it? So beautiful that it makes me think about all the good times I have had with some great people of my life, my Mama(Mom), my Baba Jan(Dad), my childhood friends and those very special people. I know that being nostalgic and snow falls are not related in anyway, but it just happens with me. I doubt it if it happens with other people, never asked anyone. I think it’s just because of the mood I get into… :S or maybe the flakes themselves, and the touch of the flakes when they land onto my face every time I look up.

One more thing I’d like to write about snow. It looks more beautiful at night. The glowing whites and the deepened blacks, the feel, and most importantly the flakes coming down against the dark black sky… Feels like I’m dreaming and looks magical.

I love you Snow… 🙂

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Bakewell, England, UK


Bakewell, Peak District

Bakewell, Peak District

With this one I wouldn’t say anything because the composition says it all. I love the colours of my Sony A300.

Every Day a Happy Day!

What a lovely thought isn’t it? I mean people have different Happy Days, like Merry Christmas for Christians, Eid Mubarak for Muslims, Happy Diwali for Hindus, etc., also days like Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary and many more but just imagine if we people start thinking that Every day is a Happy Day in its own way.

I went to the bank today and there were quite a few international students present in the bank(because it’s start of the new term). One of the Oriental Students had “Every Day a Happy Day” written on the first page of her notebook. It made me smile and I thought to myself that what a beautiful thing it was to read something like that today. Why today? Because I have passed my Driving Theory Test Today. That too, only after a day’s preparation. Amazing, isn’t it? That’s M B A Khan for you. 😛 So yeah it’ s a Happy Day for me!

This was a lovely thing that happened today, So I’m blogging about it. 🙂

M B A Khan