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My first Portfolio Book


This is just so cool! I was expecting my Blurb Photography Portfolio book to arrive next week and to my best surprise I got it today and I was blown out by it’s quality of prints. It’s just fabulous.

You guys can view the whole book online if you want here’s the link

Alright I’m off now,
M B A Khan


A Sign or An Omen :S

Only yesterday I was talking about this feeling, when you wake up one day and start to panic that you’re going to get late for work/school, well guess what? It happened! I can’t believe it! It happened with me today when a friend just walked into my room when it was time for me to leave for work, I almost jumped off my mattress and started asking him stupid questions about time and also at same time thanking him for waking me up. I think, I got him confused as well, about the whole situation, and that too so much so that he ended up asking me if I was alright.

Now this is strange isn’t it? One day I talk about something which stopped happening with me long time ago, and the following day it happens.

What is it? Is it some kind of sign, or may be an omen. I don’t know… I’m once again confused and it’ll keep me agitated for quite some time now. This I know for sure!


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