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Coming back after ages!

Here I come again with all the excuses in the world for not writing and not doing anything worth my time(at least in my opinion). Anyway, yes I’ve been away for donkey’s years, at least it feels like it when I look at my last blog post which was 21st of April 2011.

Well quite a few things happened since then, I went to that Photography Festival that I was on about, had fun over there, learned quite a few things, experienced what it feels like when you stand/sit with some of the top photographers in the world. Sony was quite big over there as they were the main organisers and what more can a Sony fanatic ask for than representing the brand itself at the WPO Festival. I attended this London Documentary Project with about 60 other photographers and one of my picture’s got selected for the exhibition as well. Other than that there were quite a few things going on during that week (26th of April – 1st of May). Yes it was the week of the Royal Wedding and I was there documenting it through my lens. Here I should also admit that for the ‘brits’ Royal Wedding was something astounding. They gathered at St. James Park, Trafalgar Square, and Westminster Abbey, I mean all over the Central London there were millions of people celebrating the wedding ceremony of their beloved Princess Diana’s Son William and Kate. Now I know it’s old news for the world but I’m just writing it down for the sake of record.

Just as I came back to Bradford, I had so many things planned but I don’t know, or maybe I do know but I don’t want to accept that I know, I just went into this ‘leave me alone’/’don’t talk to me’ mode… and whenever this happens I tend to stick to only a couple of buddies and sometimes not even them it’s only me acting like some loner who has nobody left in the world to take care of. Also I stop doing all the productive things that I sometimes do, so yeah it’s pretty much the time for me to go into some rehab or something.

Gradually I recovered and now that I’m writing over here it means I’m reawakened and I’ve become serious about things again. Things like my life, my deen(religion), my career, my aims, my relationships, my dealings, my photography, my blog, my bank, my family, my friends, and even my enemies, basically all of my stuff…. 🙂 Getting serious over here means, to an extent, acknowledging the existence of these ‘things’. Now what plans and how I will go about these plans are completely different ‘things’. Allah knows/plans best!

Oh, Almost forgot, Ramadan Mubarak Everyone, yeah Ramadan started on the 1st of August here in the UK, back home it was 2nd of August. Now that Ramadan is here, it’s always been a great imaan charger for me! And this is exactly what I’m trying to do this Ramadan to get the bar as high up as I can. I wish and pray that everyone gets to benefit from this ‘holy month’ as it is always a great opportunity for the Muslims.

I know I should have made separate blog posts for all of these different topics but never mind, at least I’m back to life! Again!

Bye now.


Snow Fall

It’s 0130 hrs and the snow fall is taking me somewhere out of this world. I don’t know why I find snow strongly influential on my mood. No matter how bad my mood is, it just turns into a very pleasant one whenever it snows.

Snow is beautiful, isn’t it? So beautiful that it makes me think about all the good times I have had with some great people of my life, my Mama(Mom), my Baba Jan(Dad), my childhood friends and those very special people. I know that being nostalgic and snow falls are not related in anyway, but it just happens with me. I doubt it if it happens with other people, never asked anyone. I think it’s just because of the mood I get into… :S or maybe the flakes themselves, and the touch of the flakes when they land onto my face every time I look up.

One more thing I’d like to write about snow. It looks more beautiful at night. The glowing whites and the deepened blacks, the feel, and most importantly the flakes coming down against the dark black sky… Feels like I’m dreaming and looks magical.

I love you Snow… 🙂

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