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Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris by M B A Khan
Midnight in Paris, a photo by M B A Khan on Flickr.


Innit??? Yeah, I know… 🙂 Thank you 😛

One of the first photos from the Euro Trip by M B A Khan. There are so many more to come! — This one is with Firas Mazloom, Hassaan Ahmed, Furqan Warsi and Fahàd Azmi just by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.


The Euro Trip

Hello People,

LOL, I know not many people read my blog, but still I have to write… don’t I? 😛

Anyway, since like past 5 years I’ve been wanting it and finally 2011 is the year when it is actually happening! Yes I’m talking about the long-awaited Euro Trip. The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and France… WOW… I’m too excited about this… 🙂 And we’ve made a Facebook Page for it as well. So yeah we’re leaving on Monday the 3rd of October. Destinations include… Amsterdam…Koln….Frankfurt…..Zurich…. Venice….Milan…Pisa…Cannes…Montpellier…Costa Brava…Barcelona…Valencia…Granada…Cordoba…Madrid…Paris..

5 of us going are Fahad Azmi, Furqan Warsi, Hassaan Ahmed, Usama Ahmed and Myself. I’m sure it’s going to be a trip to remember!

The best thing is, I will get to document the whole trip with my camera and yes I will upload pictures… hopefully thousands of them! It will also do me good as a photographer as this will be my first ever travel photography experience. We have hired VW Tiguan 4×4 for the trip. Most of the travelling is by land except to and from the continent. We’re covering almost all of the Western Europe in like 12 to 14 days and that too by road, WOW,  just WOOOWWWW! Adrenalin Rushing!

Other than that, I know… and I’m still working on it… My Portfolio Website… right? 😛 Yeah I know… inshAllah as soon as I come back, it will be the first thing on my priority list! It’s almost done BTW 😉

Aight Safe,

M B A Khan

Update: A visit to Manchester


Shower Girl, originally uploaded by M B A Khan.

Last weekend was awesome!

I was with my school buddy Adil Memon, he’s studying at the University of Manchester. I had booked my holidays for this weekend (yeah, I book holidays for weekends because normally I work on weekends), so that I could take some time out. I’ve been working like a lunatic for the last few weeks and Allah knows I needed a break.

So yeah, We had dinner together and then some sheesha. Saturday morning was so lovely that I decided to spend the day shooting in town center and this is was one of the shots that I managed to take. Isn’t it just lovely to see this little girl jumping in joy, lost in her own world of innocence and the carefree attitude she’s carrying in the picture, oh God! I love it for so many reasons.

Well, anyway, I’m going off now, I don’t really find time to blog these days, but tell you what, I do miss it sometimes, and hopefully I’ll restart blogging soon enough!

Bye now,
M B A Khan

More Snow in Hull than in Bradford

Hi all,

Just a quick one, I spent the whole day in Hull today, and boy, boy, it was treacherous! It had snowed like mad over there. Later on I also got to know that the snow only came from the east which explains it all. Anyway, it was just about 2 feet and it snowed today as well in Hull. Back in Bradford there was no sign of snow fall today, but I’m sure we’ll get some more later on in December.

I was clicking the whole day with my Sony A300, and was falling in love my camera once all over again. I’ll surely put them up on Facebook, Flickr and of course some of them over here as well. It was about one and a half hours’ journey on both sides and I pretty much enjoyed the trip my two of my best mates here in UK.

All right, I’m off to bed now.


A couple of those weeks!

Nothing Doing. Yeah, this is what I am up to these days. In fact, not only these days but for last couple of weeks I have been totally lost. Practically stayed in bed for most of the time, surfing, facebooking, twittering, you-tubing, and learning about things that I wouldn’t in my normal days. Well, I really don’t know what am I really up to. But then again we all have our days, don’t we?

I’m home because I’m off from work, holidays you know. I had to take them, If I didn’t I’d lose them, but that’s not the problem, the problem is I’m not really utilising my holidays for anything progressive or you know something that makes me happy.

I’ve been looking into a very serious hobby called RC. Yeah, RC – Remote Controlled Vehicles, Planes and Boats. There is a niche of people in the world who take this hobby very seriously and by seriously I mean that they invest a lot of their resources in it, both monetary and non-monetary. I would like to build myself a proper 4 to 5 channel airplane one day and fly it. But I have to go through a lot of training and stuff before that. There are these flight simulators available for people like myself to practice the flying business inside the computer first and then do it in real. This way you don’t go losing a fortune after it. Yeah a fortune, because this hobby is no joke, 1000s of Pounds are spent in this hobby each year by a genuine RC Hobbyist.

Other than that, there is really nothing much going on in my life at the moment. Which is exactly what I don’t like and I go all depressed because of it. The only reason behind me being away from blogging as well.

Anyway, this is depressing me further. So I’ll go and try to do something else.

Bye now.