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Confession – More shots in Portrait!


I like to shoot in portrait more than in landscape.

Yes, this is my first confession on my blog. I don’t know for some reason I just tend to shoot in portrait orientation more than in landscape. So much so that sometimes I even do landscapes shots in portrait and end up liking the portrait landscape shot more than the landscape shot itself! I know it’s not the conventional way of photographing but sometimes I think you have to think out side the box and go and try those most imaginative photographic experiments, what do you think?

Now look at this landscape shot I captured in Scotland.

Mind you, it’s in portrait!


Scotland - Lonely Boat


Bakewell, England, UK


Bakewell, Peak District

Bakewell, Peak District

With this one I wouldn’t say anything because the composition says it all. I love the colours of my Sony A300.

A few of my POTWs


These are a few of my ‘Pictures of the Week’ from Facebook and Flickr. I am uploading these just to put up some pictures for the slide show to work.


M B A Khan