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Billy No-Mates!


Billy No-Mates!, originally uploaded by M B A Khan.

Sometimes I wonder how different people in our lives shape our lives, sometimes we are informed and rest of the times we don’t even get to know about those changes.

I sometimes think that if you say that life is only about getting away from some people and getting closer to some others and then getting away from them as well, it can be justified at certain times in life… I mean I have had those experiences where one day I would feel like I’m the king of the world and for the next few days I would feel like Billy No-Mates… scientists would probably say something about chemical reactions in our brains or something like that but I am an artist and I believe it to be much more than mere chemical imbalance or something…

Enjoy the Depiction of Billy No-Mates!



Confession – More shots in Portrait!


I like to shoot in portrait more than in landscape.

Yes, this is my first confession on my blog. I don’t know for some reason I just tend to shoot in portrait orientation more than in landscape. So much so that sometimes I even do landscapes shots in portrait and end up liking the portrait landscape shot more than the landscape shot itself! I know it’s not the conventional way of photographing but sometimes I think you have to think out side the box and go and try those most imaginative photographic experiments, what do you think?

Now look at this landscape shot I captured in Scotland.

Mind you, it’s in portrait!


Scotland - Lonely Boat

Lonely girl playing guitar…

Lonely Guitar Girl

Lonely Guitar Girl

This I took in Brighton a couple of years back. This lonely girl was playing guitar to herself, which I found interesting enough to photograph. Now what an ineffable gift one can present oneself with by playing a lovely tune on a beach one evening. Wish I could do that some day…

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