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I do these experiments every now and then, just to kill time and experience life, because life is so much fun sometimes…

Yes, Today my experiment about finding out extreme levels of understanding between two unknown people has successfully completed. I can now say that two people can have a relationship in which they don’t have to have any sort of committment or responsibility, but this can only happen for a limited period of time, this time limit can vary according to many factors like time itself, money, mindset, values, education, culture, sex, religion, age, involvement, interests, hobbies, point of views and what not, the list can go on and on.

The “experiment” lasted for about 19 days, which was enough according to me, to establish understanding levels on almost every other ground. I hope we get through the after effects of the experiment as quickly as possible, because sometimes they give you some real hard time, nevertheless these experiments are worth going through any hard time because they teach you lessons, lessons which cannot be learned otherwise.

Last thing I’d like to say about this experiment is that I really had fun, and I’m happy with everything that I found out/learned.


M B A Khan


More Snow in Hull than in Bradford

Hi all,

Just a quick one, I spent the whole day in Hull today, and boy, boy, it was treacherous! It had snowed like mad over there. Later on I also got to know that the snow only came from the east which explains it all. Anyway, it was just about 2 feet and it snowed today as well in Hull. Back in Bradford there was no sign of snow fall today, but I’m sure we’ll get some more later on in December.

I was clicking the whole day with my Sony A300, and was falling in love my camera once all over again. I’ll surely put them up on Facebook, Flickr and of course some of them over here as well. It was about one and a half hours’ journey on both sides and I pretty much enjoyed the trip my two of my best mates here in UK.

All right, I’m off to bed now.


Morning at 1500 hours!

Morning at the Lake Front


Morning at the Lake Front


Good Morning,

Yeah I know, there is nothing good about the Morning at this hour of the Afternoon, but what can we do? I went to bed at around 0500 hours in the morning. And why did I go to bed this late was simply because my mates were around and we were having an in-house  party kind of thing. Two of my mates have moved back in to this house that we share in Bradford. Most of us in this house are graduates and students. So yeah, the two mates I was mentioning are two of my best mates here in UK since I’ve come here.

Putting up this Blog was an idea somewhere from the last year, but yeah what can I say, things materialise when they have to materialise isn’t it? I thought I should learn something about blogging first and then put up my very own blog, so I tried doing that, but guess what? I didn’t really learn anything up till now. What I’ve decided now and a few friends have also suggested it to me is that I should ‘learn by doing’ which is a pretty awesome thing to do with anything that you want to learn, for example umm… swimming, driving, skiing and why not photography, yeah you can also learn photography by actually doing it.  I’m an amateur photographer btw(by the way), what? you don’t believe me? OK, no worries go check out my Flickr  Photostream.

Enough for this morning I think. Like I told you I don’t know how to blog properly or professionally for that matter, but I’m trying… These were a few random things which popped up in my head this morning(well, morning for me at least :P) so I thought might as well post them up.

Thanks for reading,

M B A Khan