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A perspective about creativity…

Creativity can have as many definitions as the number of creative people in this world, or maybe more. To me, creativity is also a personal choice. “Creative” people see things differently, and the more blessed creative people see different things differently at different times, so I think that creativity depends upon so many factors like time, skills, experience, mood, style and sometimes also available resources.

But above all, I think that being creative is being experimentally original. Yeah, that’s what I think of creativity…



A few of my POTWs


These are a few of my ‘Pictures of the Week’ from Facebook and Flickr. I am uploading these just to put up some pictures for the slide show to work.


M B A Khan

Under Construction!

M B A Khan

One of the happiest days of my life.

Hi all,

This is M B A Khan, my site is now under construction. Soon it will gain an ‘active’ status.


M B A Khan