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Alhumdulillah for everything Allah Mian! Everything that I have and everything that I don’t have! Allah knows best, what’s good and what’s bad for us, no doubt about it!

I’m glad šŸ™‚

M B A Khan


PTI – Jalsa in Karachi 25th Dec

“Imran” ko rokna abh mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai! – Imran has now become unstoppable!

Yeah, Alhumdulillah that’s true and that too for good. SoĀ CongratulationsĀ to all Pakistan who supported him all the way through. He has become the flavour of this era and there is no doubt about his overwhelming public support from all over the country and even from overseas. It is also clear now that not even establishment can provide you with such huge support. I mean I watched it online because I was not in the country, there were people from all walks of life and that too in very large numbers and not a single reported mishap at Mazaar-e-Quaid – MashAllah and Alhumdulillah!

It was clear that people over there were the true Pakistanis who were fed up with whatever previous governments have been playing them up with, and now they’re very much interested in what PTI – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has got to offer! People want ‘change’! Something different, something lively and fresh, something that will make this country what Allama Iqbal dreamt about it and what Quaid-e-Azam struggled for, and I think Imran Khan will succeed inshAllah in providing people with exactly that!

Many politicians joined the PTI after watching it making it big in Lahore Jalsa where people were shockingly blown away by the huge number of people that turned up. These politicians need no introduction as they’re the same old players from other political backgrounds. After this influx of new politicians the media and of course the general public raised their eyebrows over issues like how will Imran Khan bring about the revolution that he keeps on talking about with these previously tried faces. Well, this question was well handled by one of PTI’s senior member, he said, ‘It doesn’t matter if the people are the same or not, because the mission and the policies are not the same and these people are only joining only after understanding the mission and policies of the PTI, not because they have their own interest’. According to me, I think if Imran and his lot live up to their words, then this will be surely bring about a revolutionary change in the country.

Making it happen in Karachi – the city of lights or better known as the city of mights, is an achievement on its known because who wouldn’t agree upon Karachi being owned by MQM, forcefully or peacefully that is a different question, but yeah, Karachi ‘was’ MQMs’ but alas, not anymore by the looks of it Today at Mazaar-e-Quaid. People of Karachi are very much done with MQM, I guess, they are looking forward to keeping their cellphones to themselves for a while, they have decided not give in to those Ā ‘bhatta collectors’ every week. Karachites are done with the ‘Target Killings’. Ā KarachitesĀ are done with ‘Load-shading’. Karachites are done with ‘TelephonicĀ Speeches’. People of Karachi are done with you ‘Altaaf Hussain’ and they’re done with your ‘MQM’. Yeah that’s about it. People of Karachi have had enough and they showed it to the whole world Today at PTI’s Jalsa.

The Lahore Tsunami, as they called it, was the ignition and now it has become a full on blazing fire which cannot be stopped by any means. I hope and pray that all this is happening for the good, because if it’s not then like they say, ‘Allah hi Hafiz hai is mulk ka to’!

Thanks for the read, I really wanted to write something on this historic day and wanted to be a part of it somehow!

M B A Khan

Learned from bus conductor-7

Well expressed!

Your blog post reminded me of an incident which happened with me!

What happened was that I was travelling on such a bus in Pakistan and I gave a 100 rupees note to theĀ ‘conductor’ (same age as mine at that time, about 16 or 17), he gave me the wrong change back. When I asked him, he said something and then I said something back which I honestly don’t remember, but what I remember clearly was that we ended up arguing about something and I said those harsh words after which he ignored me and moved on to the next passenger.

What I said was: “Agar parh likh letay to yeh din na deikhna parta na!” Ā Translation: “Only if you were educated you would have been better off!”

I’m 25 years old now, almost a decade older, but it still kills me from inside whenever I get reminded of it! :S But I guess I was an ignorant little brat who was doing his O levels at that time and didn’t know shit about life and what to say and what not to say… :S

I would’ve never realised what I’ve said to that poor fellow, but only when one of my best friends (Ibrahim) who was also travelling with me reminded me of it when we reached home. He told me that what I said to the conductor was not nice at all. Then I relived the whole incident in my head and realised how cruel I had been to the conductor.

So yeah, I still feel bad about it and I wish that if I have hurt him, he forgives me before aakhirat. It’s a burden on my chest. :S

What if that bus conductor was never educated? What if he wanted education but he or his parents couldn’t afford it? What if he wanted to become a bus conductor and he liked his job? What if it was his destiny and it was chosen by Allah Mian for him to live his life as a conductor? What if he was only doing it temporarily because of some unavoidable circumstances? What if I have hurt him so much that he cursed me later on? What if he started hating every other pupil that got on to that bus? What if… and What not.. :S

All these questions disturb me even today… šŸ˜¦

May Allah forgive me for my sins and prevents me from hurting people like this in future! Ameen

Lessons Learned: Always think twice before you say anything. Never judge anyone for something which is not in their control.

M B A Khan

Soul of Life!

This long awaited post of mine is finally taking its shape today and finally I have managed to gather words to put together.

I was on my way home from office on 19th of October when this incident took place that really made me learn something thought provoking that our society needs to think about. Well I got the bus and since there was no place to sit, I was standing , accompanied by bunch of other women who were as exhaust as me, yet they had to reach home in time. So this mid-age bus conductor of the coach made a deliberate effort to get in the ladies compartment and started asking for Bus fare. One of the ladies whom he asked, said that ā€œMai ne apko hundred rupees diye to thayā€. ( I had given you hundred rupees already ). To which he replied, ā€œYeh hundred kia hotaā€¦

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Yes I don’t like doing things like laundry every now and then. Yeah, I mean I do it when I’ve got no more clothes left in my closet.

This is one more not-so-productive chore that I don’t do. There’s one more(ironing), but that’s a different thing… So yeah, I only wash my clothes when there is no other option left! So basically I wash all of my jeans, trousers, shirts, t-shirts and other tops and stuff once they’re are all in the laundry bag!

I mean come on, how can you find time to do your laundry every week and some people even do it twice a week, I’m like puff! How can you be this unoccupied? Speaking of which also reminds me that today we are so much into the digital world that in my daily routine I spend like good 10 to 12 hours of my day in front of my laptop and that too doing what? Facebook-ing, Twitter-ing, YouTube-ing, Stumbling Upon, Blogging, Flickr-ing, News, Views, and so much more and all this takes up your time!

Because I live with friends, it makes it even worst! Living with your family would have helped me with this but no I don’t live with my family because they’re back home in Pakistan

Anyway so much so for my POV about laundry!


Independence Day of Pakistan 2011

Hassan Saeed 2 by M B A Khan
Hassan Saeed 2, a photo by M B A Khan on Flickr.

Wallah, here comes the Independence Day once again!

And we still stand divided, not united! Just like last year and the year before, in fact since last few years I’ve been noticing that people have different opinions and feelings about Pakistan’s Independence and they all want to express them on this day. I mean come on! Why only today?

Some say that it shouldn’t be celebrated, yeah, the Independence Day itself, because they think that Pakistan is still not Independent. Well, to an extent I would agree with these people, but then again, anyway umm… yeah, then there is a whole lot of people celebrating just for the sake of political gains, then there are some people who just take it as a day off. Some make going out plans with family and friends because they don’t find any other day than the Independence Day of their Country to spend time with their family and friends. Then there are people who would want to do something on this day which makes them a proud Pakistani irrespective of what the rest of the world thinks of Pakistan and Pakistanis.

Anyway, my point here is that why do we always have different thoughts about the Independence Day of Pakistan? Our own country? Why are we so divided? When are we going to act like a Nation? Why can’t we just agree on ONE thing for once? Not even on the Independence Day?

Thanks for the read.