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In London, Photographing!

Yes, I’m here in London and posting to my blog from a London IP address(if you don’t know what IP address means, google it..:P)

So yeah, I came here yesterday and was exhausted by the end of the day photographing the streets and of course the monuments. I went to this friend’s place (my childhood friend Muhammad Rafay) had dinner with him and slept like a baby, boy I was knackered!

Well, I’ve got quite a few things on my list today as well, as in to photograph, but I’ll probably leave home about 10 nish in the morning… so yeah…

OK then, thanks for reading… (i.e. if anyone reads it:P)



A perspective about creativity…

Creativity can have as many definitions as the number of creative people in this world, or maybe more. To me, creativity is also a personal choice. “Creative” people see things differently, and the more blessed creative people see different things differently at different times, so I think that creativity depends upon so many factors like time, skills, experience, mood, style and sometimes also available resources.

But above all, I think that being creative is being experimentally original. Yeah, that’s what I think of creativity…


Every Day a Happy Day!

What a lovely thought isn’t it? I mean people have different Happy Days, like Merry Christmas for Christians, Eid Mubarak for Muslims, Happy Diwali for Hindus, etc., also days like Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary and many more but just imagine if we people start thinking that Every day is a Happy Day in its own way.

I went to the bank today and there were quite a few international students present in the bank(because it’s start of the new term). One of the Oriental Students had “Every Day a Happy Day” written on the first page of her notebook. It made me smile and I thought to myself that what a beautiful thing it was to read something like that today. Why today? Because I have passed my Driving Theory Test Today. That too, only after a day’s preparation. Amazing, isn’t it? That’s M B A Khan for you. 😛 So yeah it’ s a Happy Day for me!

This was a lovely thing that happened today, So I’m blogging about it. 🙂

M B A Khan