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In London, Photographing!

Yes, I’m here in London and posting to my blog from a London IP address(if you don’t know what IP address means, google it..:P)

So yeah, I came here yesterday and was exhausted by the end of the day photographing the streets and of course the monuments. I went to this friend’s place (my childhood friend Muhammad Rafay) had dinner with him and slept like a baby, boy I was knackered!

Well, I’ve got quite a few things on my list today as well, as in to photograph, but I’ll probably leave home about 10 nish in the morning… so yeah…

OK then, thanks for reading… (i.e. if anyone reads it:P)



Lonely girl playing guitar…

Lonely Guitar Girl

Lonely Guitar Girl

This I took in Brighton a couple of years back. This lonely girl was playing guitar to herself, which I found interesting enough to photograph. Now what an ineffable gift one can present oneself with by playing a lovely tune on a beach one evening. Wish I could do that some day…

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Bakewell, England, UK


Bakewell, Peak District

Bakewell, Peak District

With this one I wouldn’t say anything because the composition says it all. I love the colours of my Sony A300.

A few of my POTWs


These are a few of my ‘Pictures of the Week’ from Facebook and Flickr. I am uploading these just to put up some pictures for the slide show to work.


M B A Khan