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Update: A visit to Manchester


Shower Girl, originally uploaded by M B A Khan.

Last weekend was awesome!

I was with my school buddy Adil Memon, he’s studying at the University of Manchester. I had booked my holidays for this weekend (yeah, I book holidays for weekends because normally I work on weekends), so that I could take some time out. I’ve been working like a lunatic for the last few weeks and Allah knows I needed a break.

So yeah, We had dinner together and then some sheesha. Saturday morning was so lovely that I decided to spend the day shooting in town center and this is was one of the shots that I managed to take. Isn’t it just lovely to see this little girl jumping in joy, lost in her own world of innocence and the carefree attitude she’s carrying in the picture, oh God! I love it for so many reasons.

Well, anyway, I’m going off now, I don’t really find time to blog these days, but tell you what, I do miss it sometimes, and hopefully I’ll restart blogging soon enough!

Bye now,
M B A Khan